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Dr. Jeff - Thank you for your clear and thoughtful explanation of what is going on with my teeth. I must commend your entire staff. Jill was most helpful as well as Cindy with financial suggestions. I appreciate the considerate and kind approach from all.





Megan is one of the best dental hygienists I have ever had work on my teeth.  Adam and Jeff are great dentists, too.  It’s high quality dental care.





Of all the dental offices I have been to this is by far the best. From start to finish I felt so well cared for. Tammy the receptionist was so welcoming and warm. She was a great first impression, so efficient, and organized. I then had Billie do my x-rays, she was so sweet and really tried to make me comfortable, and since anyone who has had x-rays knows they are not the most comfortable thing to go through. I then saw the dentist, Dr. Jeff Stutts, who was right to the point, got to know me and informed me of what was going on without scaring me!  I then had my teeth cleaned with Jill who was the best hygienist I have EVER had! She genuinely cared for me and the health of my mouth! It was an A+ experience all around


     - Amy 



FABULOUS! The experience at Cottonwood was wonderful! The people are kind, knowledgeable and comforting. My first POSITIVE dental experience! Thank You!





The compassionate and competent dental care I have received for many years at Cottonwood Creek Dental has been second to none. I cannot possibly recommend them more highly. These folks take the best possible care of my teeth and mouth!





I have been very satisfied with dental services provided by Cottonwood Creek Dental. They have always been very friendly and responsive to my needs. The dental hygienist was the smartest and gentlest of any I’ve ever had. I recommend Cottonwood Creek Dental to anyone.





My family has recently joined the Cottonwood Creek Dental family, when my teenage sons had their wisdom teeth pulled. Dr. Adam Stutts was wonderful to work with. He made my kids feel very relaxed and ok with the procedures. Neither of them had prior dental work because their teeth are very healthy. Having their wisdom’s pulled as their first real dental experience was a little unnerving for them. The office girls, along with Doctor Stutts and his assistants were awesome. We never had to wait for our appointment times, and I personally was impressed when the doctor himself called later in the day to check in with how things were going. I would recommend this dental office to anyone.  Sincerely,





Dr. Stutts, Thanks again for taking care of my front tooth on Monday morning August 6th. I returned to Cincinnati, saw my dentist and now have a permanent front tooth again. He was very complimentary of your work and kept your contact information for reference purposes. Thanks and good health.





Thank all of you so much for the wonderful work you did on my recent dental work. I truly appreciate all of your kindness, patience and skills. Everything turned out great! I have received so many complements on my smile.  Thanks to all of you, again. Hope you all have a good rest of summer and Indian Summer, if we are fortunate.





I have been a patient at Cottonwood Creek Dental for over five years not only for my general cleanings, but also for extensive work, and I have always had great results. I am pleased with how well the staff works together in a fun, happy environment. My two young children are now patients and the professional staff makes them feel comfortable with an enjoyable experience. I do not hesitate when recommending anyone to Cottonwood Creek Dental. Thanks for the wonderful care!




I am always impressed with Cottonwood Creek Dental. The office is spotless, the staff is cheerful and helpful, and the dental hygienists are extremely thorough and take the time to remind patients of proper brushing techniques. All three doctors are fantastic- willing to take the time to explain, thoughtful, friendly and extremely professional. I would recommend CCD to anyone, and I do!


     - Bärbel


We have been coming to Cottonwood Creek Dental for a longtime. When we first came we’d had a bad experience with another dentist. They- Julie and Jeff were so supportive and really helped us. They have treated us like family, and we feel like we belong here. They are great at what they do and are always willing to go that extra mile if need be. We would recommend this wonderful clinic to anyone looking for a well run, and caring office. There is a wonderful team atmosphere. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!


     -Don and Theda



Dr. Stutts, I wanted to thank you for your patience and care during my last dental visit. I have an irrational fear of needles and doctor’s offices and you were absolutely amazing. You even had me laughing in your chair! I will tell anyone looking for a dentist to go see Jeff Stutts at Cottonwood Creek Dental. Thank you again, I really apreciate it!




My family and I have been patients of Cottonwood Creek Dental for years, and I am always impressed by the staff! They are always so caring and professional. They take the time to ensure we receive the best possible care and make our smiles shine. The hygienists are so kind and have gentle techniques. We will continue to see Cottonwood Creek Dental for all of our dental needs! I always recommend them when I can.





I’ve been a patient at Cottonwood Creek Dental for seven years.  I had a fear of dentists before 

moving here, and hadn’t been to the dentist for several years as a result.  Not only did I feel 

comfortable with the dentists’ reputations, but everyone in the office, and I mean everyone made

me feel like I was part of their family.  The staff of CCD not only does an exceptional job, they

are also some really great folks. 





My family and I came in for our cleaning and check-ups at the same time. The staff was super 

friendly and helpful. I felt like we were hanging out in our living room instead of a waiting room; 

we were so comfortable and relaxed. I would recommend them to anyone who was looking for 

a dental office. They were wonderful!





Everyone in the office works hard to get our whole family in and out in quick time. The kids like coming in, so to me this proves the staff is kid friendly. They can relate to all of us to make sure we are treating our teeth and our health well. 




If you're looking for a great place to get your check up, where the dentists are nice and helpful, then come to Cottonwood Creek Dental. If you have to get a cavity shot and you hate them as much as I do, then come to the place where they are painless and you might not even know they're happening, like I did when I was 6. My mom always gives me $50 dollars every time I have a checkup with no cavities.


     -Corbin age 10



I loved being a patient for the first time at Cottonwood Creek Dental. This is the most organized, caring and professional dental office I’ve been to in many years. Each member of the staff made a special effort to introduce himself or herself, and immediately gave the distinct feeling that I was now part of a very special dental family. Dr. Jeff Stutts was so friendly, and spent considerable time discussing my case history. He provided me with exceptional dental care, including a review of my dental implant recently obtained from an out-of-state office. I am very grateful for finding this remarkable dental organization, and I will highly recommend Cottonwood Creek Dental to my friends and family.





After putting off a trip to the dentist for a while, I was very happy with the work at Cottonwood Creek Dental. The staff was very helpful and made sure that I knew what was going on and why each procedure was necessary. We set up a personalized plan to make sure my teeth stay as healthy as possible. Overall, I have had a very good experience and will continue to come back.





I have always had a good experience with Cottonwood Creek. Their Dentists are great, along 

with the rest of the staff. Plus, they are open on FRIDAYS!





I was dissatisfied with a few things regarding the current dental office I was going to. When I brought it up at work, one lady there mentioned she went to Cottonwood Creek Dental and liked their work and professionalism. It seemed like a good time to try someone else and so I scheduled an appointment. There has been no disappointment. Everyone is pleasant. They give me all of the information I need regarding my teeth. I receive samples of things to try to keep my gums healthy, always continually trying to help me figure out ways to improve my home care.  Also very important; their prices are very reasonable and they bill my insurance. They've increased their space and employees so scheduling isn't a problem nor is there a long wait to get in to see someone. I am so pleased that CCD was recommended to me. There are four of my co-workers that have switched to CCD.





I was referred to Cottonwood Creek Dental by a colleague and from the first phone call, I was completely impressed. I just moved to town so they gave me amazing advice about starting out at a new dentist – what x-rays to have and a lot of other great info. It made the transition to a new dentist seamless, and I honestly already feel more comfortable and well taken care of here than I did back home!          





I have been coming to Cottonwood Creek Dental ever since I moved to Bozeman in 2006. From day one, all the staff has anticipated my needs and exceeded my expectations, and they have gone beyond the extra mile. The doctors are extremely knowledgeable, and also go beyond the extra mile to take the time to explain treatment options to me. When I am in the chair, they make you feel like you are the only patient in the office at that time. Jill is no exception to this also. She makes me feel that I am her number one priority, and always takes any extra time to update me on any new products that would help me achieve my oral hygiene goals! It is hard to find good customer service and professional quality care these days, and Cottonwood Creek has it! Looking forward to my next visit already!





Dental visits usually have some form of anxiety related to them.  Yet, since day one, Jeff, Julie, and their staff have made us feel like we're visiting their home.  By the time I am placed in the chair, I am in a great mood.  Their staff always has something to share that makes me laugh.  When Jeff comes in the laughter continues.  Forget about wearing mascara, it melts away with tears of laughter.  Their professionalism shows in the up-to-date knowledge and equipment they have in their office.  No questions, make an appointment now


     -Candy and Vic 



Shortly before I was to have a potentially cancerous tumor removed from my liver I was to have 

a crown replaced.  I would be leaving in just a few days and the permanent crown would not be

ready before I would leave for New York to have this major surgery.  The worry was it would 

come off in surgery and I could have infection problems.  Cottonwood Creek Dental called the 

folks who make the crowns, pulled some strings and I got my new crown.  This was great 

because I had plenty of worries at that time and they helped take a big one away.  Thanks 

Cottonwood Creek Dental you all rock!!





The office crew is very accommodating.  My hygienist, Gina, is the best.  She’s very soothing and 

answers all my questions to my satisfaction.





I have been a patient at Cottonwood Creek Dental for about five years now.  The first time that I went to the practice for a check-up and subsequent dental work, two things immediately struck me:

1.That patients are not treated like “patients” in the usual sense of the word—there is none of the “us and them” mentality that often creates a type of separation that is so commonly experienced by patients entering the offices of so many in the medical profession.  When entering the practice of Cottonwood Creek Dental, the patient will immediately find that they are treated just like one of the family.  The staff is all very warm and friendly, much like what each of us might experience when visiting good friends we may not have seen in a long while.  This type of atmosphere breaks down the invisible barriers, working like a soothing tonic—at once setting the anxious mind at ease…


2.When the professionals at Cottonwood Creek Dental begin the necessary work that must be done, the work is a unique combination—a combination of compassionate care, balanced by infinite patience.  Whether filling a simple cavity or fitting a beautiful porcelain crown—the work is done with incredible patience—the patience required to achieve a perfect fit.  When Dr. Jeff Stutts was engaged in the process of fitting my crown, I was reminded of a type of work from a time gone by—a time when master craftsman would painstakingly fit the dovetail joint with the utmost precision.  It is a wonderful feeling indeed, knowing that you will leave the office with a perfect job—a job perfect in every aspect, and perfect in every respect…

If you are looking for this level of care and professionalism in your dental work, you will surely find it—as I have—at the practice of Cottonwood Creek Dental, where the patient matters above all else.





I was in a tremendous amount of pain when I went to see Dr. Adam Stutts; the third dentist I had gone to in an effort to diagnose the source of my pain. He was incredibly thorough and was the first dentist to accurately diagnose and effectively treat my pain. The staff at Cottonwood is incredibly kind and accommodating. I can’t recommend Cottonwood Creek Dental highly enough!





We are excited to have the opportunity to provide a testimonial for Cottonwood Creek Dental.  Our family has been part of the CCD Family for over seven years and has experienced many facets of dentistry offered by Drs. Jeff and Julie - cleanings, root canals, crowns and implants . . . Oh My!  It is truly a secure feeling to know that our dentists care about us and put our needs at the top of the list when something goes wrong or when we just need the routine cleaning.  The support staff always works to get us in immediately especially if we are uncomfortable. Cindy always makes sure our insurance is processed quickly and Billie is truly the gem of the office, making sure every need and comfort is given.  Thank you to all the Cottonwood Creek Staff for the service you provide us.


     -Bruce and Micki  



The eight years we’ve been in Montana Dr. Jeff and Dr. Julie have been very professional and are 

experts in their trade.  Jill has been a terrific Dental Hygienist.


     -Mitch and Bonny 



Thank you Julie so much for doing all of our sons cavities!  It meant the world to have it done in a comfortable environment with a dentist I trust.


     -Kirstie W



It had been quite a while since my last dentist visit, and needless to say I was so nervous I was shaking. These guys made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My second visit was just as good! I felt like I was among quality professionals who were like my friends who care about me.



Jill - Thank you very much for the excellent job you did cleaning my teeth.  I really appreciate your

hard work.  You made a huge difference!





I scheduled my first dentist appointment in 15 years last spring with a high degree of anxiety. 

The front office instantly reassured me that they understood my nervousness and relayed it to 

the dentist, as well as the dental assistants. From start to finish my appointment went wonderfully. Everyone communicated openly with me and they were incredibly gentle. That first experience alone was absolutely priceless considering how long it had been. Since that time both my two young children and myself look forward to our appointments at Cottonwood Creek Dental!





Cottonwood Creek Dental has been helping me since 2003. The whole staff is always so helpful 

and knowledgable. Jill has helped me keep my gums healthy and makes my appointment fun. 

Thanks Cottonwood Creek Dental!



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